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Insurance Company Payment Methods  

Please familiarize yourself with your particular plans and benefits. If your coverage or your copay changes, it is your responsibility to let us know before we render service. Some insurance companies structure their reimbursement based on a deductible, please take note of your specific coverage.

By participating with your insurance company, it means that we have signed a contractual agreement to accept a lower than normal fee for our services as payment in full.
Your co-pay or co-insurance is a significant part of that payment. Your co-payment or co-insurance is part of the total reimbursement for our services.

The payment we receive from the insurance company is the difference between your co-payment and the discounted fee for that service. We are not paid more because you have a higher co-payment. Simply stated, your insurance just pays less.

Unfortunately many insurance companies do not allow us to provide all services that are available in our practice due to their contractual arrangements with laboratories, specialists or hospital services. You may be able to avail yourself of services that are not covered by your insurance company at an additional fee. (ie: cosmetic services etc.)

Our participation in Managed Care Programs is constantly under review. lf at some time, we determine that the rate of our reimbursement from a particular Managed Care Program is incompatible with quality patient care and the viability of the practice, we reserve the right to withdraw from participating in that plan. ln such a case, we will give our impacted patients adequate notice (approximately three months in advance) so that they may select a new plan or find another physician.

Because insurance reimbursements to primary care practitioners and specialists continue to plummet relative to the cost of living many doctors are leaving Managed Care Plans. For this reason, we encourage you to consider insurance plans offered through your employer that will reimburse you to some degree if you see a physician out of their network.

Participating with the following insurance companies:
(No-Aetna-HMO w/letters)

Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Coventry/First Health
Empire BCBS
Empire Healthcare

Horizon BC/BS
Medicare - Novitis

RR Medicare
United Healthcare-Medicare Complete